Hemp Information

Did you know Hemp has been an important part of American history? It goes all the way back to the beginning of America’s existence during the Colonial era. Back then, the shipping industry was the most important part of America, as without it, it would not exist. Sails were made out of hemp canvas and rope was made from hemp because of its added strength versus cotton, as well as it’s natural resistance to mold. Many piece of clothing were made from hemp as well. Shirt, pants, hemp socks, and many other items were made from hemp as a more durable substitute for cotton based items.Grow Hemp

During World War Two, a famous propaganda poster made by the US government encouraged people to “Grow Hemp for the War”. Back then, the government knew the importance of hemp to the economy as well as the industrial machine that is the US. Now with hemp banned from being grown in the US, cotton has rid itself of it’s biggest competition. And with the US offering fair wages to everyone, second and third world countries who do not do this benefit from an almost unfathomable textile export trade. More and more is on the news about textile factories in other countries collapsing or catching fire and killing many people. Those factories almost every time are manufacturing cheap textiles because they do not have fair labor practices. It is time to stop importing billions of dollars in cheap textiles from around the world. It is time to bring hemp back to America, and with it the manufacturing giant that used to be our textile industry. Hemp would lower the cost of living for everyone in the US, create new jobs for Americans, increase tax revenue, and cut down in imports. Why would anyone not want that?